How to Save Money on Accommodation in Malta

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The Maltese Islands are a hugely popular destination for tourists every year, with excellent weather and of course the affordable hotels in Malta creating the perfect get away for those looking to hold back on your holiday spending’s – and who isn’t looking to save a bit of money in today’s economic climate!

Accommodation in Malta is easy to come by and with a bit of research, good quality hotels and hostels at a very affordable price can be found with ease.  It has always been my opinion that real travelling means seeing the country or island you are in anyway, and that accommodation is merely a place for resting in preparation for the next day of travelling or sightseeing or exploring your surroundings.

With this opinion, here is a list of ways to cut-back on accommodation expenses, and to spend that money instead on what will really impact on your memories and experiences of your trip; the things you experience and see whilst you are there.

1) Stay in self-catering accommodation. There are a range of self-catering villas or apartments that you can choose from in Malta, from luxury to basic. Either way, however, if you are travelling with a large group of people, you are bound to save money here. Cooking your own food is far cheaper than eating out, especially if cooking for a large group.

2) Stay in a guest-house. They are often full of character and charming for visiting tourists, and a great way of saving money on expensive hotels. They also often comprise of a bed and breakfast type set-up, and it is a perfect way to meet some real locals and get the first-hand tips of how to get the best experiences in the location you are staying in.

3) Stay in a hostel. For some reason, hostels have recently developed a bad name for themselves. Either snobbery or too high expectations have caused the reputation of the hostel business to become unpopular and a last resort only for student travellers. However, I stand by my opinion that hostels are in fact a great option for travelling. They put you in a perfect position to meet new people from completely different areas, and often offer a meal (usually breakfast or dinner) for their occupants. They are cheap, and yes, they are not luxurious, but they are often comfortable enough and a great way to meet new people and get a fuller and more down-to-earth experience of a place.

4) Finally, before booking anywhere to stay (inc. Hotels, hostels, guesthouses or villas), always read visitor reviews online. They are a primary resource to find out how good the accommodation really is, and the people visiting these places will most likely have the same expectations as you, so their opinion is invaluable to you and your experience abroad.

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Malta is a great place to visit, and I would urge anyone to save money on hotel expenses and spend it elsewhere visiting the truly great and beautiful places or things to do that the Island has to offer. To find out more places to see or stay visit My Destination Malta, at

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By Rosie Baldwin – Rosie Baldwin is a young traveller with itchy feet and a desire to experience new things. Having studied Documentary film-making and Cinematography at University, she has an urge to capture and document the beautiful things around her, and share them with anyone who cares to listen!