Risk Taking on Holiday – The crazy stuff we do on holiday that we wouldn’t do at home

Going on holiday offers us the opportunity to get rid of the shackles of everyday rules and routine, but what kind of things do people tend to relax about when they leave it all behind? Some silly, some not so silly: if you’re thinking of embarking on an overseas adventure, think of this as a cautionary tale – and whatever you do, make sure you get yourself a worldwide travel insurance policy…

Stocking up on holiday essentials before you go away is most definitely part of the holiday fun, and it’s probably fair to say that most of what we buy to wear on holiday just wouldn’t fly on home turf. Most British holidaymakers are guilty of partaking in the risky business of sporting an ugly Hawaiian shirt or skimpy summer dress while they’re on holiday without a care in the world – fall into this category and you risk losing your dignity (just think of your holiday snaps). Even the best travel insurance in the world won’t cover you for a fashion faux pas.

If you normally wear a seat-belt at home, then why wouldn’t you in a taxi? Many people forget or don’t bother to put their seat-belt on when they clamber into a taxi because they feel that they’re being driven by a professional and that nothing will happen. Wrong. Anything can happen – especially where the driving laws are comparatively lax and the terrain hair raising. Similarly, it’s equally, if not more important, that when you’re getting into a taxi abroad, you’re aware of the licensing laws and that you get into a licensed taxi. Let someone know you’ve left and make arrangements to contact someone when you arrive.

Extreme sports

Many destinations – especially those to which backpackers tend to flock – offer a wide range of adrenaline rushes in the form of extreme sports and activities. From bungee jumping to paragliding, abseiling, rock climbing, zorbing, diving and parachute jumping – it’s all on offer. While it may occur to you to check regulations regarding health and safety and public liability insurance when you try something like this at home, a holiday or backpacking adventure often throws up opportunities to take part in something thrilling at rather inopportune times.

Drinking & drugs
While excessive drinking and drug taking is risky at the best of times, doing it on foreign soil bumps the risk factor up tenfold. Booze-wise, you could find yourself drinking something unexpectedly potent, rendering yourself vulnerable – and even if you’re simply drinking your usual number of pints, you could still find yourself too drunk to deal with an unfamiliar place, unfamiliar people and unfamiliar situations. The same applies to drugs: you won’t know how strong something is until it’s too late, and poisoning yourself on a beach somewhere in Thailand at 4am could see you in very big trouble. Similarly, if you take drugs and don’t know what penalty it carries in that country, you could end up with a life sentence or, worse, the death penalty.

Wherever you go on holiday, make sure you know the law of the land, and make sure you’re aware of whether or not there are any cultural quirks, so as to avoid unnecessary confrontation and upset. Do what you do at home, but be mindful of the fact that you’re in a different place with different rules.

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