Chiado – A little bit of everything in Lisbon, Portugal

Chiado Lisbon PortugalNo matter what city you are traveling to, city trips often have similar characteristics:

  • Seeing as many monuments as possible
  • Going off the typical “tourist trail”
  • Visit at least one museum
  • Shopping
  • Experience the nightlife

And what all city travelers usually also have in common is time pressure, as the stays are often not longer than a weekend. With little time and many things on the list of things to do, the main objective is usually making the most of the time given.

Chiado Lisbon PortugalIf you happen to be staying in one of the many Lisbon apartments and you find yourself under time pressure to get everything on the itinerary done, the Chiado district will be exactly what you need to check off most points on the above mentioned list:


Café A Brasileira is one of the oldest and most famous cafes in Lisbon. It used to be frequented by many writers and intellectuals therefore it has significant cultural value. Amongst to most frequent guests was Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa of whom one can see a bronze statue right outside the café.

Also located in this area is Lisbon’s opera house, the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos.


The Chiado is for tourists and visitors and is a great place to go shopping as you’ll find many internationally known chains along with little boutiques and original stores for “that special something.”  There is also a little shopping mall called Armazéns do Chiado. Most of the stores you will find along the two main streets Rua do Carmo and Rua Garrett.


The Museo do Chiado (Rua Serpa Pinto 4) is one of the most important addresses for Portuguese art as it holds the best collection of paintings and sculptures produced by Portuguese artists. The main focus of the work exhibited at this museum ranges from 1850 to 1950.


The Chiado neighborhood is known for its bohemian character and the traditional architecture. On August 25, 1988 a fire destroyed a total of 18 buildings in the neighborhood. Thanks to a project lead by Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira the buildings were renovated and restored. Also in this neighborhood you will find two of the city’s most interesting churches: São Roque and Carmo Church.

Chiado Lisbon PortugalNightlife

Along the streets of the Chiado and the neighboring Barrio Alto you will find many bars that stay open late. People of all ages, backgrounds, and convictions come together here for a drink in this bohemian, laid-back atmosphere.

If you are only staying a few days in apartments in Lisbon you have to visit the Chiado district. That way you won’t miss anything. Ready? Go!

IMAGES VIA: Andrea Prave, Jorbasa, davehighbury