Chilling Out in Ontario – Niagra Falls and Wine Route

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There are certain places on earth that just give off a certain ‘vibe.’ If you have ever had the pleasure (or displeasure some would say) of visiting say a Greek party island like Kavos you will know that the whole area is geared up as a place to drink and party the night away with a young vibrant crowd. London is a city where history and architecture cannot be ignored, with cities such as Paris and Rome are romantic hotspots.

However there are some places that are so vast and diverse, picking just one thing to do, see or experience can be difficult. Step forward Ontario, Canada. Home to the nation’s capital and over 13 million people, this province has it all. What you do here is up to you. Just book into the wide range of Ontario accommodation options and explore.

If you are stuck for ideas or want a helping hand, you simply cannot visit Ontario and not experience the breath-taking and stunning Niagara Falls and the nearby scenic wine route.

The Niagara Experience

You’d of had to have lived under a stone to not of heard about one of the world’s greatest sights. Over 12 million people visit the site each year and very few, if any, leave disappointed. Finding Ontario accommodation is easy, as Niagara Falls isn’t just a waterfall, but a bustling town which overlooks the famous attraction. Here you’ll find Ontario restaurants that can rival any in the province, a wide range of Ontario accommodation options – including the Marriot Hotel – a casino and a day spa amongst other attractions. Whilst all this will keep you from getting bored, the real attraction is the waterfalls.

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You can of course take a look at the Falls from afar, but once you have done this you’ll want to see them up close and personal. And getting up close and personal is possible. You can take a wet and wild boat road to the base of the Falls and feel the spay over your face, or you could even travel behind the Falls themselves – a real heart rushing experience! At night, the Falls are lit up and provide a spectacular and very romantic backdrop to your Ontario accommodation.  If you are a visiting couple or just want a stunning place to visit and relax, Niagara Falls really take some beating.

Wine Tours

Whether you are a wine lover or someone who just likes the great outdoors and learning something new, the wine tours of Ontario are world renowned. There are twenty five vineyards within 20 minutes of the Falls, meaning getting out and sampling the local produce is very easy indeed! Whether you decide to explore them by car, bike or on a guided tour, make sure you combine some wine tasting with local Ontario restaurants that line the route. Visit in the autumn and you could even experience the Niagara Wine Festival – what more could you ask for from a holiday?

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Chilling out in Ontario is a real experience. Book a (restaurants) holiday and you’ll come back refreshed, full of fresh air and maybe slightly hung-over – but you were on holiday after all!

By Ricky Durance – Ricky Durrance is a freelance copywriter and enthusiastic traveller who is always looking to write for and meet interesting people who share his passion for travel. Ricky names Cambodia and Laos on his list of favourite travel destinations.

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