3 Oddities in Lisbon, Portugal

lisbon portugal tramThis may sound strange, but I think that many places earn their charm from certain oddities. They range from myths and stories you hear about people living there or strange names, rules, laws etc. It is not any different in the city of Lisbon and before you spend a couple of days in one of the many Lisbon apartments that are available, let me share some weird things that you will encounter there:

The Doll Hospital
Where ever you go it is always good to know where you can go for any medical emergencies. In Lisbon there is a place where you can take you favorite doll suffers any “injuries”, the Doll Hospital in Lisbon located at Figueira Square will attentively take care of your doll. The doll doctors treat emergencies and perform surgery. If any limb needs to be amputated the hospital provides tons of spare parts to replace the damaged part. You might think this is a joke, but people do bring their dolls there and business is flourishing.

The Garden of Limp Dicks
I’m not even sure if I will get censored for this or not, but if you walk down Alfama street you will find a terrace. This terrace has been the meeting point for old men for very long time. They meet to converse, people watch or play cards. This place didn’t have a specific name until one day a child called it “The Garden of Limp Dicks” (Jardim das Pichas Murchas). Despite the rather vulgar nature of the name it stuck and it now even has an official street sign.

Mr Hello
If you happen to be around Saldanha Square at about 11pm at night you will see a well-dressed older man standing there waving to the cars passing by. Meet Mr. João Paulo Serra and he has been standing there for years greeting people. He does this to brighten people’s night or even their lives a little bit. It is a bit odd, but I think it is a very nice gesture. Don’t they always say “The little things in life count most?”

So there you have a couple of Lisbon oddities. To prepare you for renting apartments in Lisbon. There nothing to be worried about, I think. If anything they should put a smile on your face.

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