Golf the Wild West

Which of the fifty United States still has mail delivered by mule, is home to London Bridge and has a golf course with a “coyote rule?”

Unique amongst the fifty United States, Arizona is full of unusual characteristics, from its landscape to its fauna, to its Native American heritage. Unique landscapes and great weather often give way to an array of outdoor options.

From north to south Arizona’s landscape varies greatly. You will find snow-capped mountain peaks, sweeping mesas and pine forests from central Arizona northwards. Central Arizona offers mountains, desserts and lakes. Travel further south and your eyes will be treated to large rock formations, caves and loads of the stereotypical dessert cacti called saguaro cacti. On the western front, Lakes Mead and Havasu, the two largest man made lakes in America, are oases in the dessert.

All of this presents locals and visitors alike with tons of opportunity for adventure and recreation with activities such as rock climbing, bird watching, hiking, river rafting, photography, house boating, jet skiing, biking and fishing. For golfers, Arizona can feel like heaven.

If you are a fan of golf, you know there is nothing like golfing on a clear day on a uniquely beautiful course. Fan or not, it is undeniable that golf courses are designed for and sit atop some of the most beautiful real estate in the world. Midday in Arizona in the summer can be scorching hot in many areas, but it can also be less expensive. Despite high summertime temps, there are still plenty of options. You could play early morning or late afternoon or simply head north for a slightly cooler midday climate. Any other time of year can almost guarantee you sunshine, blue skies, and ideal temps. Courses are numerous, so you can find just about any type of course to suit your experience level. Be sure to visit for discounted tee times.

Still want the answer to my opening question? You guessed it. Arizona. More specifically though, mules still deliver mail deep into the Grand Canyon to zip code 86435: Supai, Arizona. The World War II damaged London Bridge was brought to America to be rebuilt in Lake Havasu City in 1968. Want to play that golf course with the “coyote rule?” You will find it in Carefree, AZ at the Boulders. By the way, the rule states that if a coyote picks up your ball, you can replay it without penalty. I wonder how often that rule’s used?

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Note: This article was written for El Toro Interactive