Lake Orta, Italy – A Place for Sublime Moments

lake-ortaOne of the smallest and least known of Italy’s sub-alpine lakes, Lake Orta lies to the west of Lake Maggiore in northern Italy. This little jewel, just eight miles long and less than two miles wide, has an atmosphere that is peaceful, relaxing and a far cry from the chaos of the cities. Orta is a restful place with clean air and healthy activities. Soak up the quiet beauty of the landscape and take in its fascinating history and its wealth of artistic treasures. Visitors can take a boat to the Island of St. Giulio, located in the middle of the lake, which, according to legend, was dominated by a big serpent that destroyed everything. There are many wonderful restaurants in  Orta San Giulio. Some are high end and very classy, while others may be more budget friendly. Many are very warm and offer fantastic cuisine with lovely views of the lake. I chose the Hotel San Rocco amongst the Orta San Giulio hotels and found that it made a good base.


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One thought on “Lake Orta, Italy – A Place for Sublime Moments

  • Although I’ve never been to Lake Orta, I’ll take your word for it! Honestly though, where in Italy isn’t a place for sublime moments? In all of my travels throughout Italy, I definitely need to wander more off the beaten track. I long to find these hidden jewels, although in my opinion Italy is one honking ruby! What I love about these small cities is that they are very much quintessential Italian! It often doesn’t matter where you go in Italy, high-end and costoso is almost never too far behind your more economical and inexpensive options,another reason why I love Italy! I lived in Siena, a medieval Tuscan cityscape. Now I knew this was Italy, but I didn’t realize Prada and Gucci would be at my disposal, not in a medieval city at least! And not that I could afford any of it anyway. Some of the best eateries in Siena were more than reasonably priced and yet shopping for vestiti(with the exception of Chinese thrift shops) forget about it!! But isn’t that what most of Italy is like? Makes sense, land of fashion, designer stuff and all that. In my opinion, throughout my travels in Europe so far, there is such a naturalness about Italian landscapes and the funny thing is that this is often contradicted by the material absorption among many an Italian and some (uh-em) American tourist. But hey can you really blame anyone for wanting to blow three to four hundred euros on “just one, just one!” italian designer bag?? Well I say va bene to that, but just one bag ok?

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