Room with a View of Daily Life in London

Travel means different things to different people and so it is true that accommodation can have a variety of meanings to the traveller. Accommodation can merely be a property to rest your head or it can be part of an entire experience. In some cases the accommodation is the destination and entire experience (such as a spa retreat). Personally, I am a big fan of something in between. Some of my best travel experiences have happened while staying in more of a local neighborhood rather than the most tourist laden hotels. It can be especially nice to stay with friends or relatives who can give you some direction and insight into unique local spots. Staying in a neighborhood does not mean you cannot also see the tourist highlights of an area. At the same time, not having a friend or relative at your destination does not mean you cannot stay in a less visited neighborhood.

Last month, I stayed at a Roomorama short term apartment in London’s East End. The flat was on the second floor of a Brick Lane building. The experience was like no other London experience I have encountered before. I really felt the lively vibe of this community. Brick Lane is a hot spot for the edgy and artistic crowd and observing the comings and goings of day to day life here was exciting. In a way, I suppose I could have been experiencing someone else’s “monotony.” To me, the opportunity to observe daily life is a top reason for travel. What we all experience on a everyday basis can be so foreign and interesting to someone else.

The flat itself worked out well too as I was in London to attend a conference. The flat provided me a comfortable work space that felt more like I was working from home (albeit someone else’s home) than from a cramped and stuffy hotel room. I could truly imagine myself living in this vibrant neighborhood rather than merely viewing it as an outsider. I am very grateful to Roomorama for providing me with this great stay and would certainly consider doing it again next time I plan a trip.

IMAGES VIA: Roomorama