Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater

A dream of so many, viewing exotic wildlife in their natural habitat is a truly amazing experience to see. The Ngorongoro Crater, a World Heritage Site, contains the most concentrated population of wildlife anywhere in Africa. Visitors descend the crater walls and enjoy game viewing in a spectacular setting. The “Big Five” (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros) can be found within the crater as well as a huge array of other wildlife such as hyena, cheetah, wildebeest and many species of antelope.

IMAGES VIA: wwarby, Sara & Joachim and Thomas Huston on flickr

One thought on “Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater

  • We didn’t make it to Ngorongoro when we were in Tanzania, we climbed Kilimanjaro and went to Zanzibar instead before getting back on our bicycles to ride the rest of the way down south to Africa. We regret that a lot, so we are going to have to go back soon. It is high on our list to return in the next year or two.

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