Glimmering Pearl Shells in Beagle Bay, Australia

Traveling north from Broome in Western Australia, you’ll find the Beagle Bay Aboriginal Community, one of three Aboriginal communities on the Dampier Peninsula. Beagle Bay is home to the Sacred Heart Church and its glimmering pearl shell altar. The interior of the well known church in Beagle Bay is decorated with mother of pearl, cowries and other types of shells forming the tribal symbols of the Njul Njul, the Nimanborr and the Bard people. The big draw is the church’s unique main altar which is covered with gleaming mother of pearl. Finished in 1917, the church was built entirely by the hands of local Aborigines and Pallotine monks.


IMAGES VIA: Luke Redmond, yaruman5 and Luke Redmond on flickr

2 thoughts on “Glimmering Pearl Shells in Beagle Bay, Australia

  • Yeah…..I remember this Church. Last year I coincidentally landed up in Broome. My tour planners suggested me to explore this community and I can’t forget this Church it just WOW. From outside it certainly looks like an ordinary Church but from inside it’s spectacular and unique as we can see in the pictures. Actually, its quite big from inside though it doesn’t appear that big from outside. The pearls augment it’s beauty from inside and it’s finishing it simply amazing. From inside it appears like an ancient Church comprising traditional furniture and all. It’s undoubtedly a well-maintained Church and people visit there frequently.

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