Great Activities to do When Travelling

Work can be a pain, but when the weekend comes along, you always get the feeling that you should do something that’s adventurous and ‘out there.’ While it can be hard to give in to that urge, especially if you have a family to take care of, there’s always the chance to go out and do something different, especially when you’re planning a weekend away from home, or even a full-blown holiday. If you obtain travel insurance from a site like, then there’s nothing wrong with being adventurous, but what can you do?


Relaxing yet physically demanding, golf is the perfect activity to do on a weekend break or holiday. Going on golf weekends away are great, not least because you can stay at the hotel near the golf course, meaning you can tee off as early or late as you want. You could also play with friends, family or other holidaymakers.


If you decide to visit a national park at home or abroad, you could go wherever your legs take you. Whether it’s through a vast stretch of countryside,  through a mountain range or maybe even through a city, you’re sure to be rewarded with great views as well as exercise.


This is perhaps the most adventurous thing anyone could do on holiday if visiting a resort in a mountain range like the Alps or Pyrenees. It combines skill, great views and excitement, all of which are part of what makes a good holiday great.


Adventure is something most people seek from holidays, but relaxation is just as important. Going on a boat trip combines the best of both, allowing you to take in scenery while also doing something out of the ordinary.

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  • Boating is really something I look forward to. It is nice to go on a boat ride especially if you are the one controlling the boat. For me, it is truly relaxing. You can even see the views of the city from a different perspective.

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