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Chilling Out in Ontario – Niagra Falls and Wine Route

There are certain places on earth that just give off a certain ‘vibe.’ If you have ever had the pleasure (or displeasure some would say) of visiting say a Greek party island like Kavos you will know that the whole area is geared up as a place to drink and party the night away with[…]

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Zimbabwe – Africa’s Hidden Gem

The vast majority of people – quite rightly, most would say – only consider themselves when booking a holiday. But when some destinations promote themselves as a luxury holiday destination, by digging a little deeper it becomes clear that actual putting money into the country is a contentious issue. Case and point: Zimbabwe Hotels are[…]


The Three Faces of Namibia

There is visiting a country, and then there is seeing a country. To many, as long as the sea is warm and the cocktails are on tap, there is nothing better in the world. It is hard to disagree to an extent. But for the adventurous and keen traveller, getting out and feeling the true[…]