Tips on Estimating the Value of a Local Guide

Ah, when to get to a guide and when to work it all out on your own? Yours truly, for years, was a travel-solo-only snob. Why shouldn’t I have been? I research where I’m going with a level of neurotic obsession that has been suggested is, perhaps, a mental disorder. I’m a two hundred and[…]

Hiking Sete Cidades – Azores

The geologic rhythms of the earth create some of the most dramatic and breathtaking phenomena in nature. The beautiful lines of the Cycladic pearl, Santorini, are the result of a cataclysmic explosion more than three and a half millennia ago. In Hawaii, Mauna Loa is another place of such sublime beauty, though it has continuously[…]

How Current Events Will Affect the Cost of Summer Travel

Creating urgency is one of the most effective tools available in sales.  While supplies last. For a limited time only. Sound familiar?  Yet for reasons both real and imagined, the relationship of supply and demand is the very thing economies are based on. Sometimes the supply does go down resulting in your getting stuck paying[…]

A Trip to Fiji – Part Two

Food was included on the trip and usually turned out to be some variation of catch of the day and taro. I supplemented this with occasional trips, between sun-soaked naps, by heading down the beach to a little hut selling native-made curios and offering English style tea, complete with cakes. On the second day, we[…]