Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

Just a few blocks east of downtown Atlanta lies the Sweet Auburn neighborhood which was the birthplace and home of the most influential Civil Rights leader in America’s history, Martin Luther King Jr. This site, now a registered historic site run by the National Park Service, contains Dr. King’s boyhood home, the Ebenezer Baptist Church,[…]

Discover San Diego’s Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum of San Diego is bringing history and discovery to life with two groundbreaking initiatives in 2011. In May the Maritime Museum will launch an exhibit showcasing art associated with the three distinct visions of the beautiful South Pacific from voyages by James Cook, Herman Melville and Paul Gauguin. The first-of-its kind exhibit[…]

Follow Us as We Explore the World of Genealogy Travel

Beginning next Wednesday, you’ll be able to follow us as we, along with technologists and genealogists from around the world, explore the world of genealogy travel at RootsTech in Salt Lake City, Utah. More and more families are traveling, and traveling extensively, to the places of their family’s origin in search of their “roots.” They[…]


A few years back, I traveled through Turkey with an Aussie friend of mine. We began our journey in Istanbul then traveled southbound. Traveling with an Aussie meant that a visit to Gallipoli was a must. To be honest, I’m sorry to say that my history teachers and my own readings didn’t touch upon this[…]