Pop Hotel – Save Money Without Skimping on Comfort in Buenos Aires

“Boutique” and “budget” are rarely used to describe the same hotel, yet my travel companion and I managed to find one in Buenos Aires. We were a little dubious upon hearing the name, but were pleasantly surprised upon our arrival. The Pop Hotel in the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires is a treat for[…]

Fierro Hotel – For the Traveler Craving Style, Comfort & Intimacy in Buenos Aires

In recent years, the hospitality industry has been growing in an interesting fashion. The style of large, resort type hotels may be slowly becoming passé. The new wave of accommodation has come in the form of boutique hotels. These properties are much more intimate than most traditional hotels and this intimacy can have its benefits.[…]

Glimmering Pearl Shells in Beagle Bay, Australia

Traveling north from Broome in Western Australia, you’ll find the Beagle Bay Aboriginal Community, one of three Aboriginal communities on the Dampier Peninsula. Beagle Bay is home to the Sacred Heart Church and its glimmering pearl shell altar. The interior of the well known church in Beagle Bay is decorated with mother of pearl, cowries[…]