The Zetter – A Cool Foodie Hotel in London

Located in the Clerkenwell area of London, just a short walk from the Farringdon tube stop, The Zetter is a hip, boutique hotel with an absolutely amazing restaurant. As I entered The Zetter, I immediately picked up a laid back vibe with its red lighting and comfortable lounge bar. As I was shown to my[…]

Colorado’s Wild Animal Sanctuary

All around the world there are people fascinated with the animal kingdom. Zoos are attractions in almost every major city. The best of these zoos are not only places where we can admire representatives of the vast biodiversity of our planet, but also places where scientists can do valuable work conserving species that are rapidly[…]

Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Azores

There are so many great reasons to visit the Azores. With an abundance of beauty, lush vegetation growing from the contrasting volcanic rock, beautiful farmland, a great seaside influence, an unspoiled culture and welcoming local people, it’s easy to understand why National Geographic’s Traveler Magazine rated the Azores as an “authentic, unspoiled and likely to[…]