Is it Cheaper to Fly, Drive or Train Around Europe?

If you are looking to traverse Europe on your own- outside of a package trip, then you are probably aware of the nuances of travelling and saving money during the trip. A trip handled on your own will come sans booked coaches and pre-ordered taxis. Without that privilege, you’re left with a mighty large question[…]

Timeshares Uncovered – A Frugal Person’s Key to Luxury Holidays

Having grown up just outside of Boston, one of my favorite architectural features of the city has always been Boston’s Custom House with its four-sided clock tower. It sits in a prime historic location amidst buildings both old and new. The original structure was completed in 1847 and was designed in the style of a[…]

Pop Hotel – Save Money Without Skimping on Comfort in Buenos Aires

“Boutique” and “budget” are rarely used to describe the same hotel, yet my travel companion and I managed to find one in Buenos Aires. We were a little dubious upon hearing the name, but were pleasantly surprised upon our arrival. The Pop Hotel in the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires is a treat for[…]

The Vacation Extension: A Solution to the Overnight Stopover

The overnight stopover. These very words, especially in recent times, have conjured up something akin to fear for the traveller. The overnight stopover is something that arises when the traveller books flights on a search engine and focusing solely on price while paying no attention to flight times. I have encountered a few people who[…]