ibiza skyline at night

Ibiza Accommodation – The Guide

Take a look online and seconds after typing in ‘Ibiza’ you will be hit by hundreds and thousands of clubbers guides, nightlife reviews and past experience of this clubbers paradise. Between the months of June and September Ibiza hotels are full to the rafters of hardcore clubbers in search of some the best clubs Europe[…]

cape verde fishing

The Best of Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a beautiful part of the world, often described as the Archipelago of nine jewel–like islands lining the coast of West Africa. It is an island surrounded by natural beauty and its tranquil blue sea, and the entire place is a photographic beauty spot. Along with this, there are some great ways to[…]

Travel Tips for Staying in London

When backpacking through the UK, London is one of the main stopping points for most travellers; there’s so much to see and do in terms of art, historical sites, festivals, shopping etc. If you’re on a budget like most backpackers, it’s best to decide what part of London you plan on staying in ahead of[…]