Fresh Air and Outdoor Adventures in Vall de Nuria

I recently had the opportunity to visit Vall de Nuria in the Girona Pyrenees, a lovely natural setting with lots of fun outdoor activities and warm hospitality. As I ascended the Pyrenees via rack railway on my way to Vall de Nuria, majestic mountain valleys featuring waterfalls and walking trails gave way to a heavenly[…]


The Three Faces of Namibia

There is visiting a country, and then there is seeing a country. To many, as long as the sea is warm and the cocktails are on tap, there is nothing better in the world. It is hard to disagree to an extent. But for the adventurous and keen traveller, getting out and feeling the true[…]

Malawi – The Warm Heart of Africa

While taking a small group adventure tour in South Africa, our Acacia tour leader, TJ, was without question the best tour leader I have ever encountered. After having never met the guy in my life, I quickly felt as if he was an old friend showing me all the coolest spots throughout his country. As[…]

Port Elizabeth, South Africa – The Friendly City

Port Elizabeth, also known as the “friendly city,” is South Africa’s fifth largest city and quite an undiscovered gem thanks to its unspoiled coastline and rich heritage. Nelson Mandela Bay bears the rich legacy of an area that saw the first meetings of Khoisan, British, Dutch, German and Xhosa people. As the landing place of[…]