The Three Faces of Namibia

There is visiting a country, and then there is seeing a country. To many, as long as the sea is warm and the cocktails are on tap, there is nothing better in the world. It is hard to disagree to an extent. But for the adventurous and keen traveller, getting out and feeling the true[…]

Malawi – The Warm Heart of Africa

While taking a small group adventure tour in South Africa, our Acacia tour leader, TJ, was without question the best tour leader I have ever encountered. After having never met the guy in my life, I quickly felt as if he was an old friend showing me all the coolest spots throughout his country. As[…]

Live from the Indaba Travel Show in Durban, South Africa

As one of the lucky visitors attending this year’s Travel Indaba in Durban, South Africa, we look forward to experiencing the throngs of product owners, fantastic exhibitions and many cocktail parties. Indaba brings together a showcase of southern African tourism products and services for the international travel trade. In addition to the dedicated following of local and international media who provide extensive coverage of Indaba through radio, television, newspaper and dedicated travel publications, the Brilliant Tips Travel Blog will be tweeting and blogging live throughout the event which takes place May 9-12, 2009.