Fierro Hotel – For the Traveler Craving Style, Comfort & Intimacy in Buenos Aires

In recent years, the hospitality industry has been growing in an interesting fashion. The style of large, resort type hotels may be slowly becoming passé. The new wave of accommodation has come in the form of boutique hotels. These properties are much more intimate than most traditional hotels and this intimacy can have its benefits.[…]

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Travel Tips for Argentina

Argentina is the huge country which occupies a good part of South America. This country is one of the most popular destinations for backpackers because it has a wonderful mix of urban jungles and natural landscape. Here are some travel tips for anyone thinking of traveling to Argentina. How to get to Argentina If you[…]

Salta – Unique Charm in Argentina

Salta is located in the northwest of Argentina bordering Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay. The colonial spirit from times past remains in its houses, streets, hundred-year-old monuments and narrow sidewalks. Its numerous statues, the San Francisco Church, the Cathedral and the many interesting museums are what set this city apart from others in Argentina. Salta’s traditional[…]

Buenos Aires – Where European Tradition meets Latin Flair

Buenos Aires is a dynamic city of contrasts with wide avenues, extensive green spaces, hundreds of sculptures and a large number of churches integrated among modern skyscrapers, office buildings, houses and apartment buildings. Buenos Aires is elegant, noisy, full of cultural activities and currently one of the hottest travel spots on the map. One of[…]