NYE in Sydney

As the (GMT+ 11hrs) clock ticks over from 11:59 to 12:00, Sydney will be one of the first capital cities to welcome in the 2011 New Year. And, with its beautiful Harbor fireworks and 30 degree temperatures, this event is set to be one of the most spectacular celebrations across the globe.

Best Beaches in Brisbane, Australia

From its white sandy sheaths to crystal blue waters, Brisbane is a paradise for beach-lovers across the globe. So, whether your preference is for surfing, sunbathing or binging on seafood, this favorite sunny city offers a perfect shore for all. Having booked your cheap Brisbane hotel, why not check out a few of our perennial[…]

Tucked in a Wave in Byron Bay, Australia

I’ve been told that “You don’t just arrive in Byron Bay. Byron Bay ‘happens’ to you.” For some, there is no place like it on earth and for others it’s an over-priced coastal town where it can take hours to find a parking spot. Regardless of popular opinion, it’s a spot where there are good times to be had.

Kangaroo Island – Scenery That Will Blow You Away

If Aussie wildlife and wilderness are your thing, then Kangaroo Island is definitely for you. Located southwest of Adelaide, the island is Australia’s third largest (after Tasmania and Melville Island).  It is a great spot not only to experience Australia’s remarkable wildlife in its natural environment, but also to hike through untouched bush land. Once[…]