The Checkpoint Charlie Museum

The anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall 20 years ago made me think of a visit I made to the Checkpoint Charlie Museum almost 15 years ago.  I remember thinking the museum seemed somewhat small and I was surprised to find out that Checkpoint Charlie no longer stood on that location; the building[…]

Best Value Hotels in Berlin

A rejuvenated Berlin has emerged from the rubble of the cold war to once again become one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. Admist the dark history of last century, you’ll find sophisticated nightlife, charming restaurants, typically German beer halls, and impressive museums. There are numerous locations in Berlin to rest your head and we have narrowed down the choices to several of those with the best value.

The Berlin Wall – A Farewell Without Tears

“A farewell without tears.” These were the fitting words spoken by the last prime minister of East Germany, Lothar de Maizière, at the 1990 reunification ceremony that took place almost a year after the fall of the Berlin wall. Today marks the 20 year anniversary of the memorable and meaningful and cold night that the[…]