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Follow Us as We Explore Costa Brava – Girona, Spain

We’re just days away from the #InCostaBrava blogtrip, where 16 bloggers will spend 7 days exploring 1 amazing destination. Beginning next Tuesday, you’ll be able to follow us as we head to the coastal region of Costa Brava located in the province of Girona in northeastern Spain. Our adventure will start in the Mediterranean coastal[…]

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Follow Us as We Explore Asturias – Northern Spain

Beginning next Thursday, you’ll be able to follow us as we head to the Principality of Asturias where we’ll explore some of the towns and villages situated on the northern coast of Spain. Starting in Oviedo, we’ll tour the old quarters of the city and check out the World Heritage Sites on Naranco mountain which[…]

Velvet Escape – go explore. experience. and be inspired.

Velvet Escape. To me, these words evoke a feeling of liberating oneself from the usual routine and venturing off to a calmer place. You could be on the harrowing streets of Hong Kong and still feel this sense of peace simply because you are leaping out of the daily grind. Reading the Velvet Escape Blog transports the reader to unique places and inspires the travel bug. I particularly enjoy reading the “A World of Inspiration” posts. Each of these weekly posts shares an inspiring story of a person who deeply touched the writer’s life in some significant and memorable way while traveling.