Travel Tips for Staying in London

When backpacking through the UK, London is one of the main stopping points for most travellers; there’s so much to see and do in terms of art, historical sites, festivals, shopping etc. If you’re on a budget like most backpackers, it’s best to decide what part of London you plan on staying in ahead of[…]

british art show 7 glasgow tramway cullinan richards

Art as it Exists in Time at the British Art Show 7 in Glasgow

Held once every five years, the British Art Show is recognized by many as the most influential and ambitious exhibition of contemporary British art. British Art Show 7 (BAS7) has just arrived in Glasgow and features the work of 39 of the most exciting artists in the UK today. Subtitled “In the Days of the[…]

afternoon tea cup glasgow scotland service

Traditional Afternoon Tea in Glasgow’s West End

During my recent trip to Glasgow, Scotland I had afternoon tea at Cup which recently opened in Glasgow’s vibrant West End. Upon entering, one quick glance around revealed the main attraction at this intimate and warm tea room on Byers road. The cozy space is laced with colorful cupcakes that sparkle with glitter. As all[…]

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Explore London’s Rock Music History

When it comes to the history of rock and roll, one could argue that London has more monumental rock and roll landmarks than anywhere else in the world. From famous clubs such as the Rainbow, Marquee and Roxy to the neighborhoods of Soho, Muswell Hill and Camden Town, London is a great place to catch[…]