Secrets of Longevity from Around the World

I’m always intrigued by stories of Okinawa and its reputation for having the healthiest, longest living people in the world. My grandmother lived here for several years and is still going in her late 90s. Perhaps some of this island’s lifestyle rubbed off on her. This got me thinking about other spots around the world[…]

The 727 Fuselage Suite

Ever wonder what happened to the Boeing 727? Growing up as the son of an airline employee, I spent quite a bit of time on 727s. Well, the Hotel Costa Verde in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica has refurbished a vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airframe and transformed it into a 2 bedroom Boeing 727 fuselage suite. Formerly, it shuttled globetrotters around as part of South African Airlines and Avianca Airlines.

Costa Rica – An Incredible Natural Playground

If escaping the harsh winter weather is on your mind, then why not take an outdoor adventure to Costa Rica? See an active volcano and relax on the beautiful beaches of the Pacific coast where you can do as as much or as little as you’d like. Visit the active Arenal Volcano, famous for everything[…]