Best Dive Ever in Cozumel

Our guest Dave took advantage of one of the free travel activities, available to us as part of #FollowMeAtSea, and went scuba diving in Cozumel. To my surprise, he came back to the cabin declaring that his dive experience in Cozumel had been his “best dive ever.” Here’s his story…

Five Amazing Places to Dive

One of most amazing marvels that modern technology has to offer humankind is the experience of scuba diving. Human beings throughout time have had a fascination with the water and the depths are still largely unknown by man. The beautiful world of the first 100 feet of the aquatic realm can be enjoyed by just[…]

Shark Ray Alley in Belize

Hol Chan Marine Reserve is located off the southern tip of Ambergris Caye and is Belize’s oldest marine reserve. The reserve is centered around a cut through the barrier reef which is about 25 yards wide and can be reached after a 4 mile boat trip southeast of San Pedro that takes around 15 minutes.[…]

SCUBA – Explore The Underwater World

SCUBA diving offers many things to different people: a chance to be an intrepid explorer, observe wildlife, find solace & commune with nature, live life on the edge – you name it. But above all else diving affords a person to get out of their element and experience being in a different environment, one that[…]