Wellington’s Funky and Fascinating Cuba Street

One of our favorite areas in Wellington, New Zealand is the Cuba Street District. Once the route of the Wellington trams, the middle section of the street was closed to traffic after the removal of the rails in 1969 and is now one of the busiest areas in Wellington. This is a cool neighborhood full[…]

barcelona beach cube tower

5 Catalan Summer Dishes – Barcelona for Foodies

A great part of travelling to a different region and getting to know its culture is experienced through the local food. Barcelona is a popular destination for summer vacation, as you have the beach right in the city. After a long day at the beach you will probably be very hungry before you hit the[…]

Santiago, Chile for Foodies

If you have just purchased airline tickets to Santiago, now is the perfect time to prepare for your trip. If you haven’t got around to booking yet, price check flights with airlines such as Lan Chile, Delta Airlines, Tam Airlines and Iberia. Most travellers love to read up on the must-see tourist attractions in the[…]

Spain for Foodies – Tapas in Barcelona

When it comes to eating in Barcelona, Spain, nothing beats hitting the famous tapas bars. In recent years, tapas have become somewhat trendy around the world while, in Spain, tapas continue to become more and more popular. The best thing about eating in tapas bars is that you are able to sample many of the[…]