Teach English to Business Professionals Abroad

Conversation Partner is a new program from GeoVisions in which participants can volunteer to speak conversational English to the local police department, hotel staff, local business professionals or teachers. Participants do not need to be a certified teacher nor have teaching experience to be a Conversation Partner. Participants simply meet with their group each day, up to 15 hours each week, and converse in English with them in exchange for free room and board.

Teach English Abroad in Exchange for Room & Board

While at the 2009 Annual NAFSA Conference and Expo in Los Angeles last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Randy LeGrant from GeoVisions. We talked about the importance of international education and exchange and how exposure to other countries and cultures is instrumental in helping one truly understand another person’s point of[…]

10 Meaningful Travel Experiences

Experiencing the true culture of your host country is the best way to develop some of the global skills needed to succeed in the twenty-first century. These skills will ultimately lead to greater cooperation and understanding among nations and peoples of the world. Whether you want to teach, rescue wild animals, work on conservation efforts[…]

Teach English Abroad: TOEFL Not Required

With travel experience and skills acquired abroad becoming increasingly valued by schools, employers and governments, why not spend your summer on a trip that you can add to your resume? Position: Private Language Tutor. References: Global. Geovisions’ Conversation Corps is a unique way to live in a foreign country for a fraction of the normal[…]