Liechtenstein – The Jewel at the Pulse of Europe

Liechtenstein may be the size of a postage stamp, measuring only 6 kilometers from west to east, but despite its size, it is a wonderful place to enjoy a wide range of winter activities. The fourth smallest state in Europe offers the opportunity to glide down snowy hills, wander along spectacular hiking routes, experience tiny mountain villages and see the art collections of the Prince. No visit to Liechtenstein is complete without getting your passport stamped. A unique and popular thing do, each year over 40,000 passports are stamped.

Twin Peaks – Whistler and Blackcomb

Ski and snowboard all day, every day. Snowshoe into a remote wilderness. Ride a snowmobile to a frozen mountain lake. Cross country ski on forest trails. Considered among the top ski resorts on any continent, legendary Whistler is about to become even more prominent as the site of the alpine and Nordic venues for the[…]

Travel to Reykjavik, Iceland in the Spring

Reykjavik is a city with many great qualities and a unique, short getaway for travelers from Europe and the eastern United States who have a large appetite for culture. Travelers who love arts and culture will find a trip to Reykjavik very enjoyable. When I think of travel to Reykjavik, I think of a buzzing[…]

Ice Climbing in Valdez

Valdez, Alaska is a spectacular alpine seacoast town surrounded by a natural mountain ring with an annual average snowfall of 360 inches; the most of any community at sea level in North America. Known as being the gateway to the “All American Route” of interior gold and copper fields at the turn of the 20th[…]