The Anatomy of the Perfect Tour Guide

I’ve had a good number of guides over the years. Most were pretty good, just a few were bad and some stood out as excellent. I have bad news for all of you: you have all been outclassed. Don’t take it too hard. It turns out that the perfect tour guide has almost 50 years[…]

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Travel Tips for Argentina

Argentina is the huge country which occupies a good part of South America. This country is one of the most popular destinations for backpackers because it has a wonderful mix of urban jungles and natural landscape. Here are some travel tips for anyone thinking of traveling to Argentina. How to get to Argentina If you[…]

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Valencia by Night: A Guide to Clubs in Valencia

Valencia nightlife goes on till late, goes at it hard and suits all musical tastes. Clubs in Valencia may go unnoticed by day, but when darkness falls the city comes alive. Not until midnight though, and the Valencia party carries on until around 8am, sometimes even beyond. Hostels in Valencia are cheap and cheerful and[…]