Things to Do In Maui

Anytime is a great time to visit the island of Maui. Here are some of my favorite things to do on the second largest island in the Hawaiian chain also known as the Valley Island: Kayak Last time I was in Maui I went kayaking off Wailea Beach in South Maui, near the Four Seasons[…]

Loco Moco – A Hawaiian Breakfast Tradition

Probably the most distinctively local breakfast creation in Waikiki is the Loco Moco. It starts off with rice covered with grilled onions and a hamburger patty. The patty is then topped with fried eggs and mushroom gravy. It can be found in some form or another in most of Hawaii’s eateries. In my opinion, Lulu’s[…]

The Queen's Bath in Kauai

The Queen’s bath in Princeville is one of Kauai’s favorite attractions. A quick hike past a waterfall leads down to a landscape of lava rock and on to the bath. A natural tide pool embedded in a shelf of rocky lava, the Queen’s bath has the notorious reputation of being one of the top drowning[…]