The Algarve – How to Leave Your Hotel

The Algarve is a truly beautiful setting for a holiday abroad, and with such a huge amount of great hotel accommodation on the tranquil coastline, you can often feel so relaxed in the warm weather and relaxed atmosphere of your hotel that it is difficult to leave! However, there are so many ways to enjoy[…]

Best Markets in the World for Haggling

In many cultures, haggling (or bargaining) is a way of life and a perfectly normal part of any shopping experience. Personally, I did not start out as the type of shopper who enjoys haggling. At first, I found the process uncomfortable and felt that I paid the price too. Often, I didn’t know what the[…]

How to Choose Your Next Travel Destination

Sometimes people ask me a question that I always have a hard time answering. “Where should I go?” The experienced traveler rarely asks this question. However, before one is an experienced traveler, one is a novice. You have to start somewhere. The world is vast with endless opportunities. While there are some places that most[…]