Interesting Things To Do in South Africa

Wondering what to see in South Africa and feeling adventurous? Interested in wandering a little ways off the beaten track and exploring some of the less well known, but just as interesting things to do in South Africa? This great country is home to a bewildering array of things you simply can’t see anywhere else, including interesting exhibits, amazing food, bizarre activities and sporting spectaculars. Here’s our guide to a few of the Rainbow Nation’s unique treats:

Zadar – Croatia's Most Underrated City

Zadar is an important Croatian coastal city that has undergone a startling revival in recent years. The musical steps on the waterfront are interesting and express the important relationship this walled city has with the sea. One of the many interesting sights includes the Crvka Sv Donata, Church of Saint Donat, which is thought of[…]

Lake Orta, Italy – A Place for Sublime Moments

One of the smallest and least known of Italy’s sub-alpine lakes, Lake Orta lies to the west of Lake Maggiore in northern Italy. This little jewel, just eight miles long and less than two miles wide, has an atmosphere that is peaceful, relaxing and a far cry from the chaos of the cities. Orta is[…]

Cesky Krumlov – A Fascinating Medieval Town

Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic is a picturesque medieval town that dates back to the 13th century and is straight out of a fairytale. Its name means ‘crooked meadow’ which is befitting as the town is nestled in a sharp bend of the Vltava River. It also comes complete with a castle on a[…]