Chiado Lisbon Portugal

Chiado – A little bit of everything in Lisbon, Portugal

No matter what city you are traveling to, city trips often have similar characteristics: Seeing as many monuments as possible Going off the typical “tourist trail” Visit at least one museum Shopping Experience the nightlife And what all city travelers usually also have in common is time pressure, as the stays are often not longer[…]

new york city romantic couple

Romantic Places to Stay in New York City

New York City has so much to offer. Let the vibrancy of the city spark romance in your life. Accommodation options are seemingly endless, so we’ve chosen several romantic hotel options for you. The choices range from modern boutique Gothic to contemporary to classic luxury. Romantic Places to Stay in New York City Night Hotel[…]

costa brava santa pau

3 Romantic Places to Visit on the Costa Brava – Spain

The relatively unknown Costa Brava in Catalonia is located on Spain’s rugged northeast coast. The beautiful sand beaches, quaint coves and jagged cliffs at the edge of the sea harmonize with the natural inland beauty to create an absolutely stunning landscape. Roughly a 2 hour drive from Barcelona, Costa Brava is the perfect getaway for[…]