Best Value Hotels in Berlin

A rejuvenated Berlin has emerged from the rubble of the cold war to once again become one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. Admist the dark history of last century, you’ll find sophisticated nightlife, charming restaurants, typically German beer halls, and impressive museums. There are numerous locations in Berlin to rest your head and we have narrowed down the choices to several of those with the best value.

Best Value Hotels in Amsterdam

Travel to Amsterdam and you will be impressed by the colorful and historic architecture set next to the picturesque canals and waterways full of house boats. Museums are plentiful and showcase art, history, architecture and much more. It is quite an international and cosmopolitan city affording many hotel options for its millions of annual visitors. We narrowed down the accommodation list to include some of the best value locales in the city.

Best Value Hotels in New York City

Finding a good deal on a hotel room in New York City can be challenging, to say the least. Usually, the price of a hotel room in New York City will really set you back. To help ease the pain, has combed New York City to find the best hotel bargains available.

Best Value Hotels in London

London is not necessarily known for being a city bursting with inexpensive accommodation. It is, however, a city famed for its rich history, charm and character. Fortunately, we have uncovered the top places to crash that offer both great value as well as charm in ideal locations throughout the bustling city.