Fresh Air and Outdoor Adventures in Vall de Nuria

I recently had the opportunity to visit Vall de Nuria in the Girona Pyrenees, a lovely natural setting with lots of fun outdoor activities and warm hospitality. As I ascended the Pyrenees via rack railway on my way to Vall de Nuria, majestic mountain valleys featuring waterfalls and walking trails gave way to a heavenly[…]

Quiet and Captivating Puigcerda in the Pyrenees

One of my first stops during a recent trip to the Girona Pyrenees was in the small, captivating town of Puigcerda in Cerdanya. Located in the eastern Pyrenees, which is divided between France and Spain, Puigcerda is approximately a two hour drive from Barcelona. Inviting and colorful outdoor cafes line parts of Santa Maria Square[…]

Fabian Martin’s Unique Pizza is a Knockout

The Spanish enclave of Llivia is unique in many ways, not least being that it is part of Catalonia yet completely surrounded by France. One of Llivia’s most unique residents is Fabian Martin, a former world class boxer whose Taller Pizzeria has revolutionized the traditional concept of pizza. Fabian Martin’s entrance into the pizza world[…]

Aerial Photography – A Scenic Flight over Cerdanya and the Pyrenees

This past week, while in Cerdanya (a region of the eastern Pyrenees which is divided between France and Spain), I had the opportunity to head up in a small plane for a spectacular scenic look at the beautiful landscape of the Cadi mountain range and the Pyrenees. My flight from La Cerdanya Aerodrome took me[…]