The Vacation Extension: A Solution to the Overnight Stopover

The overnight stopover. These very words, especially in recent times, have conjured up something akin to fear for the traveller. The overnight stopover is something that arises when the traveller books flights on a search engine and focusing solely on price while paying no attention to flight times. I have encountered a few people who[…]

A Trip to Fiji – Part Two

Food was included on the trip and usually turned out to be some variation of catch of the day and taro. I supplemented this with occasional trips, between sun-soaked naps, by heading down the beach to a little hut selling native-made curios and offering English style tea, complete with cakes. On the second day, we[…]

A Trip to Fiji – Part One

Fiji. The word itself evokes visions of tropical exoticism. It’s a place far enough away to equate with any other locale that is truly difficult to get to, like Timbuktu or Tibet. For Australians, Fiji is little more exotic than Hawaii is for Americans.  In our ever shrinking world, it is not so difficult to[…]