Hiking Sete Cidades – Azores

The geologic rhythms of the earth create some of the most dramatic and breathtaking phenomena in nature. The beautiful lines of the Cycladic pearl, Santorini, are the result of a cataclysmic explosion more than three and a half millennia ago. In Hawaii, Mauna Loa is another place of such sublime beauty, though it has continuously[…]

Pico Island – A Romantic Haven for Lovers

Imagine with me, if you will, that you arrive with your better half on the island of Pico after a short, turboprop flight. In a breeze, you are in and out of the little airport. You pick up a rental car with no hassle. There are few cars on the roads and the drive is[…]

Follow Us as We Visit the Azores

Beginning next Wednesday, you’ll be able to follow us as we visit the Azores. During our stay, we’ll be tweeting about our adventures as we tour the islands of the Azores, courtesy of our hosts the Portuguese National Tourist Office and SATA – Azores Express. In addition to following our Twitter stream, you’ll be able[…]

The Azores – Islands and Highlights

The Azores are a Portuguese archipelago comprised of nine volcanic islands that have a somewhat tropical feel with European characteristics. The main problem you’ll encounter is deciding which islands to visit. Don’t worry. You’ll be drawn to return in which case you can visit the islands you missed on your first trip. Here’s a quick synopsis of the islands’ highlights: