Interesting Things To Do in South Africa

Wondering what to see in South Africa and feeling adventurous? Interested in wandering a little ways off the beaten track and exploring some of the less well known, but just as interesting things to do in South Africa? This great country is home to a bewildering array of things you simply can’t see anywhere else, including interesting exhibits, amazing food, bizarre activities and sporting spectaculars. Here’s our guide to a few of the Rainbow Nation’s unique treats:

Basilica di San Miniato al Monte Florence Italy

Offbeat Things to Do in Florence, Italy

It is a well-known fact that Florence was one of the most important cities during the Renaissance and tourists from all over the world come, some renting Florence apartments, to admire the art and architecture of this grand time. Every now and then it’s nice to avoid big touristy crowds for a change of pace.[…]

Zimbabwe africa hippo

Zimbabwe – Africa’s Hidden Gem

The vast majority of people – quite rightly, most would say – only consider themselves when booking a holiday. But when some destinations promote themselves as a luxury holiday destination, by digging a little deeper it becomes clear that actual putting money into the country is a contentious issue. Case and point: Zimbabwe Hotels are[…]