Travel Tweets – A Night Out in Paris

Now, well into his TwiTrip to Paris based entirely on live tweeted tips and suggestions, it’s time to eat dinner and @benjilanyado tweets, “ok, next leg of the #TwiTrip: dinner. Pref in between Belleville and Place de Clichy (Montmartre). Hint: steak, red wine, not too expensive .” We recommended Un Zebre a Montmartre, 38 rue[…]

Travel Tweets – Looking for Somewhere Good to Eat Near the Gare du Nord in Paris

“See you in Paris…where I am at your mercy!” These were the final words this morning from Benji Lanyado when his train departed St. Pancras and his TwiTrip began. Upon his arrival at Gare du Nord, he tweeted right away. “Let’s begin. Looking for somewhere good to eat *near the Gare du Nord*. Any ideas?[…]

Twit Trip to Paris

Benji Lanyado is going to Paris and he hasn’t planned much in advance. Why? Because he’s taking a Twit Trip. He plans to take his entire trip based on live tweeted tips and suggestions. Leaving it all up to the Twitterati, he states, “I’m going to leave it to the tweetosphere.” Early this morning (early[…]

Ubud is the Cultural Heart of Bali

Amid the terraced ricescapes in the middle of the island of Bali, in Indonesia, is the town of Ubud . While there are plenty of good times to be had in Kuta, Ubud is the best place to stay if experiencing authentic Balinese culture is what you’re looking for. A vibrant center of art and[…]