Interesting Things To Do in South Africa

Wondering what to see in South Africa and feeling adventurous? Interested in wandering a little ways off the beaten track and exploring some of the less well known, but just as interesting things to do in South Africa? This great country is home to a bewildering array of things you simply can’t see anywhere else, including interesting exhibits, amazing food, bizarre activities and sporting spectaculars. Here’s our guide to a few of the Rainbow Nation’s unique treats:

Unique Signs Found in South Africa

I have seen some very unique signs throughout my travels, some of which were entertaining and funny, some of which freaked me out and some of which were just down right strange and perhaps more distracting than helpful. During my travels around South Africa, I captured some interesting travel photos of quite a few unique[…]

Unique Things to Do in Miami Beach

Miami Beach draws throngs to its world renowned Art Deco District and the candy-colored hotels on famed Ocean Drive, its legendary beaches and night spots, and to Lincoln Road, a wonderful pedestrian promenade that features great al fresco dining, funky shops, art studios and theaters. Of course you need to see it, but how about[…]

Canada’s Unique Spotted Lake

Thanks to Spot Cool Stuff for this one. Accurately described by Spot Cool Stuff as something out of a Dr. Seuss Book, the lake sits on privately owned land, so you have to be content with the good view from the highway. You’ll find the Spotted Lake about 9 kilometers west of Osoyoos on Highway[…]